A Look Behind The Curtains

  1. Want to be a Better Project Manager?
    Focus on This Ability

    Within every organization I have worked in, there has been a process that has been the underlying framework for “successful” project work flow; however, following process alone might not lead to successful project execution. There is a human element that needs to exist when you manage projects, because at the end of the day, you’re not only managing projects, you’re managing a team of individuals as well.

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  2. Employee Spotlight – Meet the Team

    With new and increasing client demands and a tremendous 2018 behind us, we’ve added a slew of new XDSers here over the past several months, from developers to strategists and producers. Instead of the usual drawn out introduction we asked them a few questions about themselves, some pretty straightforward, others a bit more thought provoking (like superpowers and type of animal they are :)). We figured you don’t truly know someone until you know what their favorite 90’s movie is! So without further ado, meet our all-star team.

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  3. XDS Adds Rubius Therapeutics to Growing Roster of Healthcare Clients

    XDS and Rubius


    The Experience Design Studio is happy to announce that it has added Rubius Therapeutics as a client after a competitive review. “We couldn’t be more excited to start working with a company that is redefining the standard for how rare diseases, cancer and autoimmune disease will be treated for the next generation.” said XDS co-founder Douglas Rockhill. “The ability to continue to work with the most innovative health and wellness companies in the world is exactly why we started XDS, and Rubius Therapeutics certainly fits the bill.”

    The Experience Design Studio continues its impressive growth as Rubius Therapeutics joins Shockwave Medical and Intersect ENT as recent new clients in the health and wellness vertical.

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  4. Recapping 2018 and Looking Ahead to the Coming Year

    It was an incredible 2018 for us, and there is a lot to be thankful for. It was a year of bold changes in our professional lives. This year really started in October 2017 when we (Douglas Rockhill & Shai Reichert) finally took the leap and started our own company, The Experience Design Studio. This was a leap we’ve discussed for close to ten years as we worked together across two agencies and countless projects. We worked for some of the largest agencies and brands in the world and always felt the next logical challenge was to build our own shop with a healthcare focus, and build it better than what we were seeing from the large agencies in the industry. We wanted to create a shop that was purpose-built for today’s challenges with UX and technology at our core and a focus on the complete customer journey.

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