Posts by Doug Rockhill

  1. The Business of Experience Design

    Throughout my 20-year career, experience design has taken many turns. As the mediums have evolved, so have the responsibilities and approach of experience designers. We’ve had to adapt and learn, all while the ultimate goal has never changed – providing a great user experience.

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  2. Recapping 2018 and Looking Ahead to the Coming Year

    It was an incredible 2018 for us, and there is a lot to be thankful for. It was a year of bold changes in our professional lives. This year really started in October 2017 when we (Douglas Rockhill & Shai Reichert) finally took the leap and started our own company, The Experience Design Studio. This was a leap we’ve discussed for close to ten years as we worked together across two agencies and countless projects. We worked for some of the largest agencies and brands in the world and always felt the next logical challenge was to build our own shop with a healthcare focus, and build it better than what we were seeing from the large agencies in the industry. We wanted to create a shop that was purpose-built for today’s challenges with UX and technology at our core and a focus on the complete customer journey.

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