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  1. Adaptable Remote User Research

    Remote UX Research – Accessible & Efficient   During the COVID-19 pandemic, many jobs have switched from brick and mortar workplaces to being fully remote. User Research was no exception, but there hasn’t been a... Continue >

  2. Best Practices: Important Safety Information (ISI) on Healthcare Websites

    One of the main talking points when kicking off website design within the pharmaceutical and med-tech industry is always how to strategically display the ISI or important safety information, in the most non-intrusive way. Whe... Continue >

  3. Q2 Studio Review

    The Experience Design Studio is busier than ever: new staff, new clients and a new hub in Austin, Texas means big things ahead for Team XDS.   Team XDS continues to grow and come together... Continue >

  4. XDS Cares: 4ATX Foundation

    XDS CARES 2021 Q3 INITIATIVE   For the third quarter 2021 XDS Cares initiative, we have chosen to support 4ATX Foundation. The goal of XDS Cares is to support and contribute to our local communities around... Continue >

  5. XDS Cares: Furkids Animal Rescue & Shelter

    Springing Into Action For XDS Cares Q2 Initiative   For the second quarter of 2021 XDS Cares initiative, we have chosen to support Furkids, Animal Rescue, and Shelter, in their 19th Anniversary Celebration, A Night... Continue >


    INTRODUCING OUR NEWEST TEAM MEMBERS! Spring is in bloom and we have sprouted a few new faces. There are several new XDSers we would like you to meet! Our growing client roster and expanding social... Continue >

  7. Congrats To XDSer Tiffany Brynn: User Experience Management Specialty Certification, Nielsen Norman Group

    Women In Tech   Statistics show that the vast majority of developers are male, a whopping 91.5% according to a 2020 survey from Statista. A report from Honeypot shows us that women held an underwhelming... Continue >

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