Recapping 2018 and Looking Ahead

It was an incredible 2018 for us, and there is a lot to be thankful for. It was a year of bold changes in our professional lives. This year really started in October 2017 when we (Douglas Rockhill & Shai Reichert) finally took the leap and started our own company, The Experience Design Studio. This was a leap we’ve been discussing for close to ten years as we worked together across two agencies and countless projects together. We worked for some of the largest agencies and brands in the world and always felt the next logical challenge was to build our own shop and build it better than what we were seeing from the large agencies in the industry. We wanted to create a shop that was purpose-built for today’s challenges with UX and technology at our core and a focus on the complete customer journey.

So, we took the leap, opened XDS and started letting a few folks know we were starting our own shop. Our first project came in a few days later and it was one of the most interesting projects of our careers – creating the first social chocolate Christmas tree. Godiva needed to create social buzz during the Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller center. Utilizing their flagship NYC store, we hung programmable LED lights on a real-size chocolate Christmas tree that was commissioned for their window display. Via a simple tweet fans could control the lights – changing the color and pattern of the lights in the store window.

From there XDS was off and running. We helped Rainmaker Thinking, Learning Ally, Acquis Consulting, and The Bosco with new websites, marketing materials, and CRM platforms. We partnered with agencies such as Juice, Lippe Taylor, Quattro, Snow Companies, and MBooth in bringing their digital projects to life and helping their clients.

Peer Network + XDS

We had the opportunity to work on several projects for major pharmaceutical companies such Johnson & Johnson, Allergan, Novartis, Sanofi, and Verastem.


Johnson and Johnson + XDS

We also completed several projects throughout the year to help Shockwave Medical bring their innovative new medical device to global markets, including the recent launch of their new website.

Shockwave Medical + XDS


Lastly, we also got serious about our CRM and inbound marketing capabilities, becoming a HubSpot Certified Partner. A few of our clients are already reaping the benefits of our certification and expertise, which provides them with free on-boarding, as well as helping their lead generation efforts.

2018 has been an incredibly busy and exciting year for us. Full of new challenges and experiences that has made our first year in business the best and most fulfilling of our careers. 2019 is shaping up to be even better, with major projects and clients lined up, including Rubius Therapeutics and Intersect ENT, new office space  in Charleston and new employees kicking off the new year.

So, here’s a toast to 2018 and a thank you to all the people – clients, partners, and family that have made 2018 a really great year. Now it’s time to get back to work.