GrowMyRoe Case Study

GrowMyRoe - Dashboard


In an increasingly competitive LuLaRoe retailer market, staying ahead of the competition had only become tougher and tougher, and retailers were in need of enhanced digital marketing tools to help with their sales efforts. Back-office systems offered by the company were not enough to get the job done, spawning a slew of new products that interacted with existing customer data and provided additional enhancements and tools.

The GrowMyRoe platform was created to connect, analyze, and act on customer data, providing actionable insights to supercharge and grow direct retailers' LuLaRoe businesses. GrowMyRoe combined real-time data analysis with actionable features centering around seamless back-office data integration along with email marketing tools to reach, engage, and nurture customers. No more endless excel sheets, hours of of analysis, and acting on one's gut. All the data needed to truly grow your customer base is was provided at a user's fingertips, presented in an easy digestible and actionable manner on your desktop and smartphone.

Built on top of an open source, PHP-based CRM and Marketing automation system, the platform provided a subscription based SaaS for its customers, offering different tiers and service plans based on data and email usage. Upon completing an easy on-boarding tutorial, users were provided with a  wealth of features and tools, including a back-office data sync to retrieve all of their customer data, a fully featured email marketing tool, rich and customizable reports, and social features. At its peak, the platform had several hundred LuLaRoe retailers as customers.