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RainmakerThinking Case Study

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Rainmaker Thinking, a professional services firm whose business is predicated on attracting and capturing new B2B leads for consulting opportunities and speaking engagements, was struggling to convert onsite leads due to a poor user experience and funnel adherence, an outdated website redesign, and lack of CRM integration.

Beginning in 2018, The Experience Design Studio redesigned with a fresh, new and modern look, focused on user experience and converstion. As part of the redesign, XDS worked with RMT staff on organizing and optimizing existing content (pages, blog posts, news, whitepapers and more) while tailoring it for the new website. A few hundred links and pages were organized, optimized and reduced to less than a 100.

In early 2019 XDS converted Rainmaker to the HubSpot platform for a more streamlined and integrated CRM, Sales, and inbound lead capture experience. In doing so, operations were moved entirely from Salesforce over to HubSpot; Syncing with Salesforce first and ultimately moving away completely to take advantage of the HubSpot platforms various solutions and tools. In addition, XDS helped RMT build a solid funnel framework, correctly measure conversion and ROI, and improve nurturing efforts. Emails and communication are streamlined and managed across multiple channels, relying on an established cadence and framework.

  • experience design studio web
  • experience design studio web
  • experience design studio web