The Next Generation Venous Stents



Malvern, Pennsylvania-based Vesper Medical is creating the next generation venous stent system that is uniquely engineered to address the multiple anatomical challenges of the deep venous stent system for the broad range of patients with Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI). Beginning our engagement in the 4th quarter of 2020, The Experience Design Studio was brought on as a strategic digital marketing and creative partner to help the company grow and evolve its online footprint and beyond. As an initial engagement, XDS updated the company's website and established HubSpot as its CRM and Marketing Automation platform to further enhance and bolster its B2B efforts in attracting HCPs and related practitioners.

The overall focus of the redesign, and as the company grows, is on optimizing the experience for converting qualified B2B leads such as physicians into registrants and prospective customers while also educating, attracting, and enrolling patients in its ongoing clinical trials. Patients encompass adult that have CVI and are eligible for a venous stent in their iliac or common femoral veins.

The redesign was well received, while increasing overall traffic and conversions for Vesper Medical, while also garnering a Gold Horizon Interactive Award in 2021 in the Health and Human Services category.