Freenome Case Study


Freenome is forging a new path in detecting cancer during its earliest, most treatable stages through accessible, thorough blood test screenings

The pre-commercial biotech company Freenome is developing next-generation blood tests for early cancer detection. Currently in its clinical studies phase, Freenome has been aiming to detect cancer in its early stages since 2014.

Freenome came to XDS in February 2022 with the need to spread awareness of a specific clinical study by adding landing pages to their website. The goal was to encourage patient participation and to spread awareness of their mission to give patients a better chance of beating cancer when detected early.

After several successful landing page launches, Freenome and XDS further expanded their partnership, enhancing the user experience, content, and design of the Freenome website by adding more landing pages about other clinical studies and partnerships. XDS received a 2022 MarCom Awards honorable mention for our digital media and website work for the Freenome Clinical Trials project.

Freenome website displayed on an ipad