Medtronic Case Study

Capturing chronic sinusitis suffers via organic search

How do you capture the attention of people suffering from chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps without paid media?

The Ask: Medtronic was looking for a way to capitalize on the vast number of Google searches for sinusitis and nasal polyps.

The Solution: XDS created the unbranded property which features educational content on sinusitis and nasal polyps, as well as treatment options. A key component of the program was a series of educational blog posts released in a regular cadence. The post mirrored the most search keywords we discovered during our research. The blog posts had calls to action in the form of a sinus self-assessment, which helped readers understand if their condition was acute or chronic and if it was appropriate for Medtronic’s products. The reader was then asked to enroll in their program for more information.

Mysinusitis Website on an ipad
Mysinusitis website on a laptop and phone