Pliant Therapeutics Intranet Case Study

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healthcare intranet example

Pliant Therapeutics grew exponentially during 2020 & saw the need for a healthcare intranet to help create connections in a fast-growing company beginning a hybrid work phase.

During COVID-19, the world relied heavily on digital communication platforms for connection beyond normal content. As we transition to a new normal, we’re working with clients to understand what features make sense for everyone’s unique hybrid blend of work. Healthcare intranets are a key tool in efficient internal communications — we create experiences that allow users to find key content in a few clicks, and enable department admins to share key communications quickly.

XDS weaves user experience into our entire intranet project process. Our intranet services began with a thoughtful discovery process by gathering a mix of quantitative and qualitative information. We utilized a range of research tools: group online whiteboard working sessions, user surveys, 1:1 interviews, A/B tests with heat mapping, etc. We worked with Pliant through group digital whiteboarding exercises to learn how we could best fill in the gaps and created an intranet that focused on Pliant’s niche needs.

What scattered pieces of communication can be consolidated within a healthcare intranet? How can we create a source of truth for common miscommunications? Which resources are people always asking about that could be featured? We’ve found that empowering your internal intranet admins to easily update content enables constant fresh content, and therefore more returning intranet visits. Enabling individual departments to post their own photos and content within modularized templates grows both your visual brand and online culture.

From a content perspective, the intranet has provided a reorganized and easy-to-navigate system, with each department “owning” their site with reproducible templates to facilitate configuration and content development. We focused on giving department leads a custom template that gave them a successful blend of simplicity and standardization — a practical and tailored content editing experience for admins, content editors, and department editors via Office 365 and customized forms.

Our teams set strategic benchmarks and goals to begin measuring when the MVP launched — we’re able to rapidly iterate and optimize with CRO goals actively measuring from launch. After a successful February 2022 intranet launch, we’ve already been collaborating on Phase 2 additional features. Taking the time to complete thorough discovery and prioritizing our findings has made for a very successful Phase 1 result. Data-driven design is our proven recipe for success!

healthcare intranet example
healthcare intranet example

Stats since launch:

Healthy session durations at 3 minutes

Strong average of 3.6 pages per session

Consistent cadence of return visits with constant content updates

healthcare intranet example