Christopher Reeve Foundation Website Redesign Case Study

Designing for the paralysis community

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation brand design

A few features included in the new Reeve Foundation website redesign

  • Optimized user experiences for complex Care support forms, built with accessibility at the core.
  • Created scalable blog and event page layouts, incorporating third party integrations that help keep the Foundation connected with their community.
  • Designed multiple unique modules by featuring their quotes, letters, photos and stories.
  • Memorialized Christopher and Dana Reeve for complex Care support forms, built with accessibility at the core.
  • Built with an accessible code base and redesigned with folks using assistive technologies in mind, meeting WCAG 2.0 standards.
  • Created multi-language content hubs for the global Reeve community.
  • Incorporated the Foundation’s recent logo update into website artwork, further integrating the Reeve brand.
Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation website displayed on an ipad

From wireframing concepts to the accessible live site, the XDS team’s design thinking crafted a beautiful final product.

We began our website redesign process with niche user research efforts within the paralysis community. Gathering insights directly from the organization’s users was a strong foundation to start with, and we circled back with the same user group for beta testing during our QA phase to ensure we met stringent accessibility needs. Additionally, we went through rounds of stakeholder interviews with multiple groups at the Foundation during our discovery phase to ensure all needs are met in one cohesive site. We firmly believe data and research-driven design are the keys to success, and we are committed to delivering high-quality user experiences every time.

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation website wireframes