Mentor Sales Tool Case Study


Informing breast reconstruction surgeons so they can better inform patients about their implant options.

The Challenge: After FDA approval, MENTOR® MemoryGel BOOST™ Breast Implant was faced with the challenge of connecting their sales representatives with surgeons. A sales team was tasked with going into offices and introducing this new product. Through interviews it was concluded that the sales team needs visual aids to help communicate this new brand story.

The Solution: XDS built a digital sales aid called Showpad to present content through an engaging digital education experience during in-person visits. This iPad app included content about MENTOR’s key benefits, product information and videos, clinical studies evidence, warranty, and important safety information. By utilizing the Showpad platform, an alternative to Veeva, the content could be easily presented on an iPad, which allowed for interactive features and animation that was responsive to different screen sizes.

Mentor website design on an ipad
Mentor website design on ipad

Benefits of the Showpad Application:

  • Easy to access, set up sharing groups, and share documents
  • Can also be viewed as a standard website in the browser
  • Accessible without Internet connection
  • Built-in reporting dashboards with robust analytics on user engagement and content sharing calendar
Example of website viewed with the Showpad application