Simplifying the OnBoarding Process


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Johnson & Johnson, a multinational corporation that develops medical devices, pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged goods, wanted to improve global marketing productivity and collaboration and accelerate learning within the Janssen Marketing Groups across multiple geographic regions and departments. The Experience Design Studio conceived, designed, built and deployed several internal communication portals within the company's vast and sprawling SharePoint based, Office 365 intranet. Featuring interactive maps, a variety of workflow-supported custom forms, easily editable content, real-time announcement capabilities, responsive mobile-optimized layout, and more, we created unique experiences and social knowledge transfer hubs, unifying new and current employees around common goals and showcasing J&J as a shining example of tomorrow’s truly social business – the connected enterprise.

Our experiences focused on simplifying processes like employee onboarding by providing managerial staff with a destination to drive all new employees, showcasing curated documents, frequently asked questions, relevant links and additional resources for a new employee's first day, all the while allowing SharePoint content administration staff an easy means of updating and publishing new content.

The portals were also updated in late 2019 to include additional content, optimize the interactive map featured in one of the portals, as well as adding and updating various forms, utilizing modern features such as workflows for notifications and email communication. Additional updates and expansions have continued into 2023 as the portals continue to gain new visitors and daily users.

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