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Omega Therapeutics, a Flagship Pioneering company, is transforming medicine and patient care through precision genomic control. A preclinical stage genomic medicine enterprise, Omega’s platform is focused on selectively directing the human genome to treat and cure diseases by controlling genomic expression without changing nucleic acid sequences. The company is focused on creating transformative medicines that unleash the human genome's native capacity to cure diseases.

With a short deadline looming given the annual JP Morgan conference and PR associated with it, The Experience Design Studio project team worked diligently to build and launch the company's new WordPress website in fall 2019, bringing to life Omega Therapeutics' first consumer-facing brand with a new digital presence. Built on a custom theme and featuring a fluid, responsive modular design, the new company website provides key information about the science behind Omega's transformative medicines, information for investors, career information and much more. XDS has continued to support the website with subsequent updates and new features, working closely with the Omega marketing and communications teams.

Omega joins Rubius Therapeutics as another Flagship Pioneering company served by XDS, and is one of many other biotech and pharmaceutical clients XDS actively supports. We've been supporting numerous clients with digital solutions in the rare disease space as well, from websites to sophisticated HIPAA-compliant programs and comprehensive campaigns. Read on to see how we've helped Rubius conquer clinical trials for PKU.

  • Omega Therapeutics - Desktop experience
  • Omega Therapeutics - Desktop experience
  • Omega Therapeutics - Desktop experience
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